Getting started


Welcome to the Swanky Docs - Documentation. Please find information on how to setup, use and configure Swanky Docs for your project. If you do not find what you are looking for please a look at the troubleshooting guide or raise an issue on GitHub.

What is Swanky Docs?

Swanky Docs is a framework that enables you to create beautiful documentation from any source. Swanky Docs is basically a static site generator that has been specifically designed to build documentation. Because Swanky Docs can be easily configured to 'stitch' together multiple sources of content it lends itself very well to building Pattern Libraries.

Why Swanky Docs?

Unlike many other documentation tools that are focused on building documentation from one type of source e.g. JSDocs, Markdown, Swagger etc. Swanky Docs can be configured to process multiple source types to build a comprehensive documentation asset. It can even combine multiple source types into single pages.

Let's Get Started!

Follow this easy to follow step-by-step Getting Started guide to get your docs up and running quickly.

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